Our Story

Our story begins across the border in Mexico, more than 100 years ago, where the Mora family resided.  It was there that they developed a love for their family’s traditional Mexican recipes. The Mora’s then migrated to the U.S., bringing along with them the warmth of their homeland in the form of authentic, delicious tasting, Mexican cooking.

The Giovino's Meet The Mora's

In the 1920’s, Samuel Giovino, a native of Buffalo, was stationed in Colorado Spring serving in the U.S. Army.  It was there that he met his beautiful wife, Mercedes Mora.

From Colorado to Buffalo

After getting married in Colorado Springs, Mercedes (Mora) and Samuel Giovino moved to Buffalo, NY, where they raised six children.  Upon arrival to Buffalo, Mercedes quickly learned that it was hard to acquire traditional Mexican food in this area.  However, that didn’t stop her from finding the best ingredients should could find to prepare dishes for her family, and pass down the warmth of traditional Mexican style cooking.  Fresh homemade tortillas, pinto beans, chilies, homemade chorizo, spanish rish, sopa de fideo and much more.

Gramma Mora's on Niagara St. is Born

It was Mercedes dream to open a Mexican restaurant.  In 1980, after successfully introducing Mexican cuisine to the Buffalo, NY area, she, her son Charlie, and Liz (Charlie’s wife), pioneered one of the first Mexican restaurants in the city with the opening of Gramma Mora’s on Niagara St.  The restaurant was named after Charles’ grandmother and Mercede’s mother, Juliana Mora.  As the years went by and after scores of articles and word of mouth, Gramma Mora’s became a household name.

Gourmet Frozen Burritos Introduced in Local Stores

In 1994, Gramma Mora’s continued to grow their business with the launch of their own frozen premium gourmet burritos sold in local stores across the Buffalo region.  The burritos are handmade with all the freshest homemade ingredients including the most tender part of the chicken, whole pinto beans, and homemade chorizo sausage.  These can still be found in many stores across Buffalo, NY today including your local Wegmans store, Tops, Dash’s and many more locations.

From Niagara St. to Hertel Ave.

After 17 years, Gramma Mora’s on Niagara Street came to an abrupt end when a fire gutted the restaurant leaving very little behind.  The Gramma Mora’s sign that hung proudly over the front of the Niagara Street location now crowns the front of our Hertel Avenue location that opened in 1999.

The Same Ol' Gramma Mora's....But Now on Hertel Ave.

Gramma Mora’s now celebrates 35 years of excellence!  Our goals continue to reflect those aspirations of 100 years ago, to serve our customers Mexican cuisine in a traditional family setting.